I was born in 1974 to Wanda and Michele Quartarella, then young newlyweds of less than thirty, who decided to call me Edil Habitat, because their idea was to create for their customers that perfect habitat with the best building materials that the market proposed. How excited when Michele found my first home! It was a small room in the center of Altamura that served as a warehouse in the rear and as an exhibition in the front. Michele and Wanda carefully chose all the materials that we would offer to our customers.

They decided that we had to be specialized in hand-crafted and hand-painted tiles, sanitary ware, taps and furniture of the highest quality. I had two beautiful windows and always in order. It was beautiful when people who walked on that street stopped and was enchanted to admire me! Not to mention the emotion I felt every time someone walked through the front door to enter to choose products for their home … indescribable!

This is how my story began, two hearts and a small exhibition … Michele took care of me full time, he was my sales consultant, warehouse worker, accountant … Wanda, occupied with the profession of university teacher, as soon as she had a minute of free time ran to me to help Michele in my management. It was great to feel their love and their desire to make me grow so that I became stronger and more beautiful.

Many sacrifices and many challenges … and I slowly started to grow. Other collaborators arrived who began to help Michele take care of me, a warehouse worker and an accountant. Michele and Wanda’s family also grew up with their three children Daniela, Nicola and Lory. How can we forget their cries or their cries, after all they grew within my walls and I immediately became attached to them …

Michele e Wanda e la mia nascita

The purchase of the land in Via Manzoni in Altamura was memorable. Michele and Wanda decided that this would be my new home. Initially they moved only the warehouse, later they also made a small exhibition and so we left the old headquarters in Via dei Mille 88 and moved

At the beginning I felt a little confused, I missed my shop windows, people passing by, I even missed the traffic and the cars parked on the sidewalk! But, it was only a short period of adaptation, then everything went back to the way it was and I integrated perfectly with the new location.

Daniela, Nicola and Lory have always helped their parents. I remember when they were still small and inexperienced and took care of me by dusting the furniture, cleaning the floors or keeping the warehouse yard clear of weeds and cardboard. Michele was impeccable in teaching them how to manage me better, teaching them everything and making them do all the tasks, from the storekeeper to the clerk, and I was happy to see these kids grow up not only with age, but above all professionally.

The years passed and my family after many years of sacrifices decided that the time had come to give me the long-awaited showroom! So it was that in 2004 the construction work began, always here in Via Manzoni, and in 2006 everything was completed … I felt a bit like the ugly duckling who had become a beautiful swan! I had gone from a 200 m2 exhibition to a 2000 m2 exhibition.
I was beautiful and charming, I had a fully functional wellness room, a meeting room, an area for parquet, an area for floors, one for the bathroom settings. I even had a bar area and a corner for the entertainment of the little ones … there was only one date left for a nice inauguration party, which unfortunately never happened! The joy of my family was extinguished by the loss of the younger daughter Lory.

My new show-room

The days went gray and the tears took the place of smiles and laughter and I could not do anything for my family except to huddle around their pain.

Nicola and Daniela proposed to include Lory’s signature in my logo, Michele and Wanda agreed and I was proud of this decision, since then I have kept it with care, it was November 2006, how can I forget it!

I have to be honest, despite the bad blow, my family has never made me feel abandoned or neglected, also thanks to the affection and competence of our valuable collaborators.

A large number of people came to visit me to see my new showroom and many became our customers. How nice to see Tonino and Anna coming back! I had furnished their home about thirty years ago! Whenever an “old” customer returned, Michele was happy to see him again and proudly introduced him to his children, reminding them that seriousness and correctness were fundamental values ​​in work and that one always had to be honest.

Over time Michele has increasingly given space to his children. He continued to watch them from afar and at the right time, if necessary, he intervened with his precious advice. He was always there, on the red sofa near the entrance, ready to welcome everyone with his kind and elegant ways, customers, representatives, friends, for everyone there was the inevitable coffee with the accountant; that was what so many people called Michele.

the party of my 40 years

What better gift could my family give me if I didn’t prepare a beautiful party for my first 40 years? It was September 2014 and thousands of people came to celebrate my birthday.

It was a fantastic evening full of emotions and love, at first Michele and Wanda went on stage and embraced and full of emotion thanked everyone for being there; for them it was an important recognition of esteem, affection and trust towards those boys who 40 years before had the courage to start this beautiful adventure. I was also very excited and if only I could have spoken I would have first of all thanked all the people who in these 40 years had trusted me and then I wanted to shout love for my family … it was all unforgettable!

Let’s say that my first 40 years represented the achievement of an important milestone but at the same time they were the starting point, the basis, for our future projects.

From 26 June 2018 Michele, the accountant, my dad, has left us. It was another bad blow for me and my family. We still had so many things to do together! Michele represented everything for me and I for him. I know that our love will never end and I will never stop thanking him for creating and growing me with all the passion and tenacity that has always distinguished him. Michele Quartarella: a great entrepreneur, but above all a great man!

He continues to live in us and I always try to convey to everyone his presence with everything that represents him, his historic tiles and taps, his plants, his flowers, his red sofa …

Nicola, Daniela, Wanda and all the collaborators, as promised to Michele, continue to take care of me, and today we continue to be united and to work as he taught us: to go forward with seriousness and determination and to look to the future with optimism.

Hence the idea of ​​this brand new site. Times change and I decided that I had to be beautiful and fascinating also on the web and social networks. Browsing you have an idea of ​​me today: who is my family, my staff, what are the products and services we offer.

I will always update the site to keep you informed of all the news and all the activities we constantly do to promote products and services.

As a forty-year-old I don’t hide from you that I am attached to good old habits, therefore, in addition to visiting me on the web, I invite you to come and visit me live. Today, as in my early days, I love people who cross the threshold of my entrance and who, after a while, already feel at home. Our staff, in addition to being prepared and competent, is very good at welcoming customers, putting them at ease and understanding what they need to recommend the right products and solutions.

It is no coincidence that my slogan is: “Edil Habitat … your home in good hands! “
We look forward to seeing you
Edil Habitat.

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